Traveling has been a passion for many years, taking me everywhere in North America (49 states, 9 provinces & 1 territory so far) and to Costa Rica, France, Portugal, New Zealand and Australia. The EU trip saw all of Europe in 2017, starting in France with the purchase of another motorcycle and resulting in visiting 30 countries, including Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia & Albania. Winter in Michigan is brutal, so travelling in the south then is quite normal - if I'm in the country, that is.
I have been playing guitar for many years. My collection now includes 3 Martins, 2 Guilds and the fabulous Gibson Lucile!

​I met Iron Cowgirl Missy on Sept. 20, 2014. Her band played a benefit in Willis, MI but that outdoor show was rained out (stormed out!) and everyone left but me - jumped up on the stage out of the storm & talked to her for an hour! At one point I said "I have been playing guitar for 45 years but I envy your capacity to write music: I get to the 3rd note & it's something I've heard". She looked at me and said "You're doing it wrong" and proceeded to take time out of her life to explain how she writes music! The magic happened when I believed her and 3 weeks later wrote my first song (in a tent in Baldwin, MI). Sure enough, new music erupted from the Martin! In English, when your wish is highly improbable they say "you're dreaming". In French, when your wish is flat out impossible they say "tu rêve en couleur" (you're dreaming in color)!
I have ridden "Iron" since I bought it in Jan. 2008. I knew I would be riding it a lot & bought the extended warranty. In all, they paid over $18,000 to keep that bike going for 7 years (mostly transmission problems that didn't start until 100,000 miles). However, the engine never needed work at all. So the warranty is about to expire in early January of 2015 with 380,000 miles and I need a new engine since it's burning oil and losing steam but just won't break! So I send a email to the Harley CEO, Matt Levatich, to explain they just might want to take a look at that - no engine I have ever heard of has ever done this! Next day, Lori Oelhafen calls me and proceeds to find out all about that. I explained about the maintenance, oil and records & she calls me back in a couple days to tell me that Harley will send my dealer a new engine/trans and they will replace it at no cost to me! When I asked about the trans she says "we don't have engines, we'll have to make you one". So in January of 2015, Harley Motor Factory hand-makes me a 96ci & trans, stamps my VIN # on it and sends it to my dealer! At this point, the bike is probably worth twice what I paid in 2008 to a collector, since a new 96ci built by the factory 4 years after they quit making that model is unique; there is no other like it! But this doesn't influence me - I just kept riding! And so this is how "Matt, Lori, Iron & me" became a song!

Summer of 2016, I made my first trek to the amazing Burning Man festivities. After contacting the Central Cafe about performing my music on their main stage & sending Barbie samples, they decided I could get the full 80 minutes I had requested (one of only 3 this year who got more than an hour!). That was awesome, as was the entire week there - a truly remarkable experience. I made new friends & added gems to the memory box. 

All my songs have cool stories (too many to tell here), but I do tell stories when I play. Go to "Contact" for more information.